3 Reasons To Watch: Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan

#1 The main-character is a what?

The story of Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan concerns the strange life of male high school student Sakura Kasukabe. He is a normal boy by most accounts, who is concerned about his grades and has a crush on one of his classmates. However, Sakura lives together with Dokuro Mitsukai, an angel from the distant future (2025) who frequently lashes out at him with her spiked bat. This frequently kills Sakura, whereupon Dokuro will feel guilty and use magic to put him back together.

Dokuro-chan impales Sakura on her bat

While the first episode keeps this vague, it’s soon revealed that Dokuro-chan and other angels were sent back in time to kill Sakura because, in 2025, he will have discovered a way to make mankind immortal. However, by then he will have grown up into a pedophile and used this scientific breakthrough to make sure every girl on earth was stuck in the age of 12.

Unwilling to believe that he would do such a thing, Sakura attempts to avoid the angels while trying to somehow convince them of his future innocence. Dokuro-chan is an exception here, because she believes Sakura can be stopped without actually killing him. A shame, because she is the only one who is actually good at it.

#2 Unpredictability

While Sakura is in for a strange future, his present time is not much better. Living with Dokuro-chan leaves him permanently at risk of being bludgeoned to death at any given moment, the reasons for which often vary.

A fountain of blood sprays from Sakura's corpse, still standing on two legs.

Dokuro-chan is blessed with inhuman strength and childlike enthusiasm, making much of her destruction unintentional. Her kind hugs can shatter spines, for example, and her behavior is erratic at the best of times. The OP even alludes to her expressing her love through various acts of torture, and the excitement with which she approaches it is simultaneously cute and frightening.

The biggest problem for Sakura is that Dokuro-chan is incredibly fickle. In the first episode alone she beheads him for the sin of walking in on her changing clothes, but then strips down to her panties to distract him from homework later. There is not a moment in his day where Sakura is safe from harm. Any second he might be murdered, hurt, sexually harassed, or poisoned. And, worst of all, everybody is convinced that he totally deserves it.

#3 Blood & Gore & Panties

Being an OVA, Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan is exempt from such petty problems like TV regulations. As a result, the show is indulgently violent and entirely deranged, which does wonders for my mood on a bad day. Looking at my recent reviews, however, I begin to suspect I am having more of those bad days as of late. I’ll get back to more wholesome anime… eventually.

Sakura is forced to take a both with dokuro-chan and Zakuro, both in swimsuit

Anyway, Sakura will face plenty of death throughout this series and many of the more painful scenes will be hilariously overdone. His guts will be sent flying, his brains will get some fresh air, and he’ll bleed so much it colors entire rivers red. Blood gushes out like explosive fountains and, while it isn’t spectacularly animated, the sheer ridiculousness of it all was good for many laughs.

The fan service is also splendid without ever needing to employ full nudity. Sakura is dragged into all kinds of lewd situations by the various girls in his life, including being stripped down by them, forced to take baths with the girls, or being caught in compromising situations with them. What else would you expect from a future pedophile?

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