Announcements: Vacation and changes

Hi! Sorry, no review today and the reason for that will be obvious in a moment. I wanted to take this chance to say a few things about the site and announce a few exciting ventures I have been plotting.


First and foremost, I want to once again thank everybody for reading my articles and visiting the site. I honestly was not expecting this project to become so popular and the feedback and statistics I get to see have been heartwarming and very encouraging. Reasons to Anime is getting traffic from around the globe and I find myself constantly looking forward to likes & comments. This has also allowed me to discover some great bloggers myself, though I should make a habit of leaving some comments & likes myself.

Secondly, I want to start experimenting with the format a bit. I will continue to publish the x Reasons Why reviews, of course, but I notice there is a lot of interest in articles like my recent comparison between Genshiken and Otaku no Video and my little rant about Amanchu Advance. Right now these were just some articles I did for fun and because I wanted to express some thoughts that didn’t make it into the review proper. Since they are so well-liked, I want to try and make this a regular thing.


Under this new direction, Mondays will have a regular review providing the reasons to skip or watch a show. On Thursdays, an editorial will be posted related to the series that I reviewed. It can be a counter-point, it could address what the show meant for the anime industry, it can be a comparison to similar anime, or I might go into detail about an aspect of the show I found particularly noteworthy. I also to intend to use these Thursdays for the Quick Manga Reviews whenever another batch of them are ready.

And now for some smaller announcements.

  • Next week there won’t be any reviews on account of me having a 1-week vacation in Scandinavia, so the next review will go online on the 14th.
  • The domain is also up for renewal and since I want to keep the website ad-free, I will just let this automatically renew.

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