5 Reasons To Watch: The Familiar of Zero

#1 Classic isekai shenanigans

Saito lived an ordinary and unremarkable life in Japan until a walk in the city was suddenly interrupted by a mysterious portal appearing in front of him. Saito is immediately pulled inside and spat out in the courtyard of a magical academy in the fantasy realm of Halkeginia


He was summoned to this world by Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, the worst student at the Tristain Academy of Magic, who needed a magical familiar and somehow ended up with Saito. After forcing him into a contract, Saito instantly learns to understand Tristain’s language and comes to accept that his dull life in Japan might be gone for good. As he tries to make the most of his new situation, it soon turns out that Saito possesses remarkable and rare abilities, which could prove to make him one of the most formidable people in Halkeginia.

It’s a classic isekai story about a young, Japanese man becoming a big shot in an exciting fantasy world. It might be a bit milked-out at this point, but it was still relatively fresh in 2006 and it still holds up very well today. Halkeginia is an interesting world, the fantasy characters are lively and endearing, and it hasn’t been tainted by the rampant incest the isekai genre has endured in recent years.

#2 Fantasy politics

Saito’s introduction to Tristain is a rocky one. The country is a feudal society where the nobility, on top of all their other benefits over the commoners, also gets to learn magic. As a summoned familiar, Saito doesn’t even enjoy the most basic of rights. He’s basically just a pet to the wealthy aristocrat Louise, who (initially) doesn’t even recognize him as a human being.


This begins to change over the course of the story, as Saito first earns popularity among the servants of the academy and then begins to prove his worth to the noble mages who study there. He’s heroic, quick-witted, determined, and has a sense of justice to him that comes with not being born in medieval Europe. When it’s also discovered that he potentially holds a rare ability to wield any weapon like an exceptional warrior, he becomes a vital resource as Tristain is plunged into war and certain factions seek to kill the small coastal nation from within.

The storylines told across The Familiar of Zero‘s 4 seasons are intriguing and deal with a lot of political & societal topics. One of the first episodes, for example, deals with Saito developing a crush on a maid at the academy who is sold off to a wealthy nobleman, and not just to clean his house if you catch my drift. He desperately tries to rally people to his cause, only to be met with confusion. As he begins to realize that nobody cares about commoners like her, he gets into even more trouble as he tries to resort to violence instead.

#3 Classic harem shenanigans

Despite putting so much effort into the politics of its world and building storylines around that, The Familiar of Zero is still mainly a comedy series and a harem romance. As Saito continues his heroics and saves the lives of many people, several prominent characters find themselves falling for him.


What I like in this setup is that the show makes it very clear that Louise and Saito are the star couple of the show, but keeps them separated in ways that are at least somewhat sensible. Both characters like each other, but keep their distance because they struggle to gauge the other’s position. Saito worries that Louise would never love him back because of their difference in status and misinterprets her tsundere personality as confirmation of this, which gives him reason to pursue other women. Louise, in turn, thinks of this as cheating and punishes Saito harshly, permeating the misunderstandings and keeping the two apart.

The other girls in the story are all quite enjoyable characters and diversely designed. I took a particular liking to Kirche, this dark-skinned seductress with fire magic. I like these playful, sexy characters that also step up to play a serious role in the story when they are needed. The Familiar of Zero maintains this good balance between great fan-service and genuinely developing the female cast, meaning the girls are much more than just eye candy. They are likable heroines with fantastic moments throughout the story, but sometimes people walk in on them while they were trying out a bunny-girl costume. It happens.

#4 Real world relics

An interesting side-story to everything happening in Halkeginia is how it seems to interact with the world that we know ourselves. Saito, as it turns out, is not the only thing from our world that has found its way to Halkeginia by way of portal mishaps. He begins finding familiar modern-day objects that the people of this land worship as poorly-understood magical artifacts.


Saito gets to interact with these in interesting ways and I like how their reveals are often hinted at for a while before finally being thrown out there at the most comedic moment possible. Again, I am obviously not going to spoil these fantastic moments, but keep an eye out for them and look forward to the Staff of Destruction.

#5 Guiche and Montmorency

With a cast of girls all stumbling over each other for Saito’s attention, there is no shortage of women who could be said to be “best girl”. Strangely, it’s actually one of the girls detached from the harem that ended up being my favorite.


Montmorency Margarita la Fère de Montmorency is a young aristocrat girl studying at the Tristain Academy of Magic and one of the first characters to be introduced. She is the girlfriend of Guiche de Gramont, the handsome son of a famed general and easily the most hilarious bastard in the entire series. Every scene with these two in it had me smiling with joy.

Guiche is a narcissistic pretty boy who is initially introduced as a minor antagonist, but develops into a reliable friend who frequently gets to show off his good side. He is, however, a flirtatious womanizer who is enchanted by every woman he meets. Montmorency is his one true love and he always comes crawling back to her to beg forgiveness, only to slip up again when the next mademoiselle catches his eye. Montmorency has to constantly keep him in check and gets even more to worry about when war breaks out and Guiche is drafted to fight alongside his father.

They are both fantastic characters and it’s a fun idea to have a couple with their own problems detached from the main harem.

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  1. Yon Nyan says:

    I’ve heard a little bit about this anime here and there, but I appreciate this list because it gives me a better idea of what to expect. Sounds like something I’d probably dig, so I’ll it to my watchlist. 🙂

    1. Casper says:

      Glad to hear my review may have helped you find a new series to binge.