I’ve been sick

Hi everyone,

While I have fortunately avoided Corona thus far, I have been very lightheaded and nauseous these past 2 weeks. Some days I am doing well and think it’s over, only for it to return with a vengeance. It’s also a busy period for me at work, with my team often working 50-hour weeks. Since we’re all working from home where I can’t infect anybody, I have been unable, as well as unwilling, to take time off.

As a result, I have been running behind on my schedule for Reasons to Anime. It’s been hard to focus on writing and watching anime at my usual pace, so to prevent trouble in the near future, I am taking a week off from publishing articles. That means no review on monday the 9th and no article on the thursday either.

Apologies for the delay in schedule. I hope to be up and running again soon!

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