Behind The Scenes: March 2021

I am still living in a construction zone at the time of writing, so this month’s edition of Behind The Scenes is going to be fairly compact.

This was a steady month for Reasons to Anime. I chose to cover some obscurer series this time around after we tackled several big hits back-to-back since the start of 2021. These reviews performed modestly, with Hakumei and Mikochi rising a step above the others. I wanted to put some series I was really passionate about on people’s radars and I think I succeeded there, so I am satisfied with these results. Getting to angrily rant about shit anime like Condition Green was a nice bonus.

Gdleen (1990)

The beauty of Reasons to Anime is that I can afford months like these. Many articles continue to attract readers weeks and months down the line, and many search engines seem to have taken a liking to me of late. February had several articles that were major successes and still March surpassed it in terms of traffic, thanks in large part to older posts that proved consistently popular. Even the average reviews tend to slowly gain more readers over time, so I am not too bothered when reviews like Knights aren’t immediate hits. Dragon Half saw its monthly hits increase tenfold several months after its original publication, after all.

Subscriber count continued to grow as well and so did the diversity among the readers. It’s always amazing to me when I pop into my daily statistics and see visitors from all over the globe. Finland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Cameroon, Honduras, you guys are literally everywhere. I am seeing growth particularly in India, with several days throughout March bringing in more daily visitors from India than from the previously-unbeaten United States. That’s amazing and you’re all very welcome. Thank you for reading my articles!

Our Dining Room

I’ve been buying a bunch of manga of late, but next month I am going to focus entirely on anime reviews. I am going to be talking about some bigger series and older classics, mixed in with only a few angry rants. Also, I am going to be publishing my very first visual novel review! That was a different experience to write about.

A request from me, however: if anybody uses RSS, could you let me know if I set it up right for Reasons to Anime? I don’t really understand this protocol very well and I want to be sure that RSS users can use the site just fine. Please let me know in either the comments or through the contact form, if you can.

Thank you all again very much and I hope to see you again next month.

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