Behind The Scenes: May 2021

How is everyone doing lately?

I’ve been in quite a good mood myself this past month. I started dieting because I came dangerously close to surpassing the maximum weight I will tolerate for myself. I am not overweight or anything, but it’s something I am always wary of as an office worker and heavy drinker, so I decided to take action. The results have been almost immediate and I am down 2kgs (4.5 pounds) from my original weight, thanks to only a slight change in eating habits and some light exercise. It’s been good for my energy as well; I feel more lively during the day and sleep better too.

I also finally bit the bullet and got myself a halfway decent TV. The one I’ve used these past 3 years was hastily bought when I had to move and couldn’t keep my old one. It was one of the cheapest models available: a basic 1080p, 32″ TV that had a standard so poorly constructed that I had to keep the screen from tilting by stuffing PS2 games underneath it. The new model is nice and all, but more importantly… I can play Zone of the Enders again!

While I am happy to have a decent TV once more, I do have to say that buying a TV in this day and age is a nuisance. I work in IT, but I am not too knowledgeable about tech in general. I called in help from a couple of friends, all of which showed up with models that were super expensive. All of them went 300-400 euros over my stated budget and they all insisted that this was the bare minimum of what I’d need. When I went looking into it myself, I found a confusing world of competing technologies and unwanted features.

I staunchly refused to pay more for a TV than I paid for my high-end laptop. I mean come on, this laptop has a screen built into it; I just want that but bigger. I’d have preferred a simple TV without smart nonsense built into it, but ended up settling on a Samsung QLED TV that happened to be on sale. My friends got a little upset at my decision, but I was just very ready to get this all over with.

Any recommendations for what I should watch on it first?

As for Reasons to Anime, it’s been another good month. The big spike in activity we saw throughout April has finally subsided, but even then it’s a step up compared to February and March. The interview with Frida did especially well and I’d like to thank Iniksbane from the In Search of No. 9 website for promoting the interview in his weekly Otakusphere post. The Ghibli Top 10 also did way better than I expected, thanks in large part to Corrupt Save File sharing it on their personal Twitter. I don’t do social media myself, so I am really thankful to everybody who is sharing my work. Thank you so much.

For next month I got 3 major reviews coming up, all with opinions that I believe will be something of a surprise, if not outright controversial. I will also be taking a week-long break sometime soon to work on some larger projects.

Thank you again and the next Behind The Scenes will release on the 30th of May.

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