Brief Thoughts On: I don’t like my big brother at all!!

At one point I’d started reading the original manga for “I don’t like my big brother at all!!” and, while it was okay-ish, I was not going to stick with it for 85 chapters. Still, I found myself wanting some sort of closure for the series and sought out this 12-episode anime adaptation instead. To my surprise, it ended up being pretty dang alright.

I don't like my big brother at all!! shower fanservice

Shuusuku Takanashi is a hopeless perv. He spends every bit of money he receives on porn, he’s part of a school club for porn connoisseurs, and he’s hopelessly in love with the little sister character from his favorite H-game. Still, his perversion pales in comparison to that of his sister Nao, who knows about all his naughty hobbies and gets her kicks from encouraging it. She loves nothing more than to tease her brother and speed up his decline into degeneracy. When she then discovers that she was adopted into the Takanashi family, it becomes the happiest day in her life.

Despite Nao’s daily schemes to tempt her brother into perving on her, she soon finds herself caught in a rivalry for his attention. A long-forgotten childhood friend returns to town, eager to hold Shuusuku to his childhood promise of becoming her husband. Meanwhile Shuusuku himself becomes indebted to the class president Mayuka Kondou, and the two soon begin to grow fond of each other as they help each other out. And there are yet more romantic rivals laying in wait towards the end of the show.

The anime is a typical harem romcom with a lot of fanservice moments to it, as the girls compete for Shuusuku’s attention. This competition causes him to fall victim to all kinds of abuse, either physically or mentally. He winds up almost drowning on trips to the beach and pool, his privacy is destroyed as the girls spy on him, and he is forced into exploring BL to retain what little dignity he has. He’s an idiotic pervert who will never just man up and commit to a relationship, but you can’t help but feel a little sorry for the guy.

I don’t like my big brother at all!! successfully mixes these ecchi-romcom antics with other jokes and fun storylines, such as one notable episode where Shuusuku’s perverted club breaks apart over a fight, and they end up reminiscing about what brought them together in the first place.

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Still, the anime doesn’t do anything particularly noteworthy. Its comedy is usually fun, but it’s nothing you won’t find in any other generic ecchi show. The characters are quite shallow and the events of the story rarely surprise. Visits to the pool, a trip to Akiba, study sessions, a festival, you’ve seen it all before and will probably forget about this anime’s take on them within a week. It’s a very unambitious anime in that regard and even its fanservice, while abundant, is fairly tame compared to other ecchi series.

The art is another deal entirely. The character design is nothing too special and just how spindly the characters look was a frequent distraction. On top of that, many shots were strange or possibly rushed, with bodies twisting at bizarre angles. It’s not offensively bad, but combined with the underwhelming story and “meh” presentation, it leaves the anime without any real standout features.

I don't like my big brother at all!! abuse

It’s fun enough for fans of ecchi romcom to seek out, but it’s a 6/10 at best and you’ll probably want to be doing something on the side while watching through it.

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