Brief Thoughts On: My Wife is the Student Council President

Closeted pervert Hayato Izumi has just lost his bid for the position of Student Council President in a landslide election. Victory goes to his rival Ui Wakana, whose platform is to promote love & sex all across the school. This bitter defeat then makes a turn for the strange when Hayato returns home that evening, only to find out that he and Ui will be living together as part of an arranged marriage. Not only will he be stuck acting as her vice-president, he is now also her husband.

My Wife is the Student Council President marriage

It’s nice when creators sum up the premise of their anime right there in the title, but you may as well forget about it entirely. As with other Yumi Nakata works, all context in the story is just façade that exists to excuse disconnected fanservice. Each episode of My Wife is the Student Council President is just a softcore pornography short, usually centered around some cheesy premise. Going at it in the changing room of a store, horny nurses misusing their patients, joint bathing sessions, just about any hentai trope you can think of really.

The writing throughout is bottom-tier. Characters have no core to them at all and thus come off as wildly inconsistent. For example, central to the main story is that the student council is at odds with the school’s disciplinary committee—led by the fanatical Rin Misumi. Even handholding is strictly forbidden! Yet, Rin is effortlessly roped into the story’s sexual misadventures, only to then sporadically shift back into her role as the moral police of the school.

This also reflects strangely on the relationship between Ui and Hayato. An early episode has Ui mistakenly believe that he may have been cheating on her, leading to a single “serious” episode where his innocence is proven and they make up. Afterwards Hayato ends up in sexual encounters with every other girl in the plot, with only the slightest squeak from Ui. That is, if she doesn’t outright encourage it.

To achieve this level of erotic chaos, the characters have to regularly dial their IQ back to the single digits. Nakata ends up writing some horrifically forced scenarios. Like one where Hayato and Rin hide from the rain in a love hotel, wherein Rin confiscates a running vibrator by stuffing it down her bra. Or a later episode where a photography club is caught photoshopping nudes of other students, whereupon they decide to reveal their methods by letting the student council take illicit pictures of them.

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This anime is nothing more than cheap fanservice masquerading as a comedy anime, but I will admit that it does at least handle its erotic content well. Studio Seven is experienced when it comes to handling hentai series, so they make a perfect fit for My Wife is the Student Council President. While it never crosses the line of showing on-screen penetration, every other boundary is pushed to its breaking point. Not so much borderline hentai as it’s porn with plausible deniability.

The character designs look nice, the totally-not-sex ecchi is animated well. Even the voice talent is surprisingly high up, with the likes of Ayane Taketatsu (Kirino from Oreimo, Azusa from K-On!) and Minami Tsuda (Mei from Citrus, Iori from Arpeggio) playing Ui and Rin respectively. It’s trashy and poorly-written, sure, but so many people put so much effort into it. It’d feel wrong not to acknowledge that the results are remarkable.

My Wife is the Student Council President anal

It’s not good as a conventional anime, but if you watch it as a primer before hitting up an actual hentai, then I think this show has some merit to it. It’s shamelessly trashy and I still have naught but contempt for Yumi Nakata, but I’ll admit that this anime isn’t a total flop.

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