Brief Thoughts On: Bad Teacher Equation

With a title like Bad Teacher Equation the question isn’t whether or not it’s good, but rather why I ever expected anything better.

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The story follow Atsushi Arisawa, a guy who, fresh out of the womb, immediately decided that he was in love with a much older kid he only knew as Ma-chan. He clung to this childhood crush all the way into adolescence, only growing ever more determined. Since Ma-chan has since made a career in teaching, Atsushi foregoes much better schools to instead chase his love all the way to a disreputable high school, infamous for its delinquents and constant fighting.

Completely out of his element, Atsushi soon finds himself falling prey to bullies and tyrannical teachers, but the memory of Ma-chan gives him the strength to carry on.

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So yeah, storytelling isn’t this OVA’s strong suit. The basis of Atsushi’s character is paper-thin and, honestly, pretty dang creepy. A young guy that decides as a toddler that he loves some random teenager and haunting the guy for over a decade? Throwing away his life’s opportunities on an inane gambit that Ma-chan will love him back in spite of the massive age difference? It’s a premise I found impossible to accept, even when ignoring the moral concerns.

Other characters fare little better. Atsushi is soon drawn into a complicated web of romances, in which cheating, incest, and predatory behavior are all to be expected. None of the characters had much going on outside of their lustful attractions to family members, students, and other people’s crushes, which in turn leaves the audience with nothing or nobody to really root for.

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Bad Teacher Equation is entirely unerotic too, only barely featuring a few kisses throughout. This does leave it with a few okay action scenes that made for an unexpected surprise, but its old age and modest production values hold these back from ever becoming truly exciting. With the story then abruptly coming to a rather unsatisfying end, there really isn’t anything worth recommending here.

Maybe if you want to see a BL series that doesn’t feature outright sex? I don’t know… just watch something by Soubi Yamamoto instead.

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  1. Hey, sometimes the best way to find good anime is by weeding out all the anime that aren’t. Thanks for watching this anime so I don’t have to waste my time on it. I appreciate it!

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