Brief Thoughts On: Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep

By sheer chance, two women with the exact same name and birthyear both find themselves stuck in the waiting room of the same hospital. Could this ridiculous chance meeting be the start of a new friendship? Or could it be even more?

Imari Kakimoto meeting

Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep is a romantic drama starring Imari Kakimoto and Imari Kakimoto. Imari Kakimoto is a tough biker girl who works in construction, whereas Imari Kakimoto is a tender office girl with creative ambitions. I’ll stop now…

The two Imari Kakimoto’s hit it off well and become friends, but there chance encounter soon conjures forth difficult feelings in them. While both girls present themselves as being happy and kind, they both struggle with self-destructive idealization. Both girls believe that they are actually bad people on the inside and thus undeserving of friendship. Even as they feel increasingly attracted to one another, their respective traumas pressure them to back off lest they claim a piece of happiness that they are not entitled to.

Imari Kakimoto gloom

The manga deals with how the two help each other overcome these internal struggles, though with no shortage of setbacks and other problems along the way. It’s an interesting story with two likable heroines, and even the art is pretty dang good. it’s only 5 chapters, of which 1 is an epilogue, but it gets a lot done in that short runtime and packs quite a punch.

Fans of yuri may be disappointed, however. While the manga does explicitly address sexuality, there is basically no on-screen romantic gestures or fanservice. The focus is put squarely on the (romantic) drama and character growth

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  1. Glad that you reviewed this manga. I thought it was very touching. I stumbled on it a few years ago while searching out new yuri publications to read and I was surprised at how good it was ☺️

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