Brief Thoughts On: Happy World

Ever have one of those days where everything just goes wrong? That’s basically Takeshi Omura’s entire life. His is not happy world, as this young punk lost his mother at a young age and was abandoned by his father soon after. One night his house burns down and the next day a series of unlikely accidents ends up killing him. Just then, a light finally shines down on him. Not the light of Heaven’s gates, but an angelic one for sure.

PHOTO: Takeshi's spirit leaving his body while Elle pleads for it to come back.

Takeshi is revived by the young angel Elle who reveals to him that he has been cursed with eternal misfortune; a fate once belonging to his father that has now been passed down to him. Elle is assigned to be his protector and takes on a human form, after which the two move in with Takeshi’s age-sensitive aunt and highly-perverted tomboy of a niece.

Happy World is a magical girlfriend story with a focus on character development mixed with lewd asides. Takeshi is a frustrated, grudgeful young man, who suddenly finds himself living a sweetly innocent maiden that has little regard for boundaries. His immediate response is to be standoffish—regarding her as a nuisance—yet as time goes on Elle’s boundless goodwill begins to rub off on him. It’s a story about healing in a way, which makes it very disappointing that Happy World was only granted 3 episodes.

PHOTO: Takeshi giving Elle a tap on the head while she musters a poor defense.

The series ends abruptly after about 90 minutes, at what feels like only the beginning of Takeshi’s arc. It even drops some hints that Elle might stand to learn a few things, before just peacing out. The manga would go on to run for another 3 years afterwards and I am tempted to check it out if I can find it anywhere.

If you don’t mind the abrupt

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