Behind The Scenes: June 2022

Even though I have been sick for most of June, I gotta say that this has been one kick-ass month. A lot happened, so let’s dive right in.

To follow-up on last month’s drama, it turns out making enemies on Twitter is actually super useful. After my row with Shadow the Hedgehog, the offending article got picked up by other people in the fandom who took a more open-minded approach to it. The exposure Reasons to Anime gained from them eclipsed Shadow’s hate mob five times over and resulted in a bunch of new subscribers. It also kicked the algorithm back into gear, which brought in hundreds of new readers for other articles as well.

A warm welcome to all newcomers and thanks as always to all the regulars for tuning in every week!

Doing a month with such a focus on visual novels has been quite fun. To be honest, I usually don’t read that many of them; until one catches my attention and becomes a brief obsession. I splurged and bought a bunch of new novels after playing In Search of the Lost Future and Milky Holmes, so expect more reviews for them to come out as I work through this backlog.

I am going to take it easy throughout July though. Heatwaves and I don’t really get along, so I am probably not going to be in a very productive mood. I also just finished the big article I mentioned last time, which is scheduled to go up on the 7th. It was a major operation that involved me and several of my friends, and I gotta say that I am quite proud of the results. After the first week of July there’ll be a 2-week break, after which the next feature review is scheduled for the 25th.

Outside of anime, life has been going pretty well for me. I often complain about working long hours and irregular shifts, which is a topic that I finally addressed with my employer. I’ve been promoted and given a raise, as well also a more balanced workload. Then the union lads came through and got everybody a raise on top of that.

Another development is that we have a new cat in our house. A local weirdo had somehow acquired an underage kitten, specifically because his wife is afraid of cats. Whether he did this to help her overcome her fears or just to bully her is a complete mystery; one I’d rather not dig into. An upstanding neighbor rescued the kitten—who was locked up in a bathroom all day—and we offered to give her a better home.

The little girl has been a ball of energy ever since. She is affectionate, playful, and absolutely determined to cuddle up with people and other cats. Our male cat has taken a liking to her, so the two are often chilling together or taking turns chasing each other up and down the house. The other cats don’t mind her too much either, though they get defensive when the newcomer acts too rowdy.

That’s all for this month. Though July will be sparse on content, I hope you all enjoy what I got planned out. I’ll see you all again on the 31st!

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    1. She has figured out that she can slap them when they are in their cage, but is too cowardly to face them when they wander freely.

  1. It’s cool how everything is going alright and how that Shadow troll’s power was losing grip and you got people on your side. Good on you for getting that kind of support.

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