Brief Thoughts On: Candy Boy

Candy Boy is a yuri romance anime that follows Kanade and Yukino. Two high school girls with very different lives, who are stuck living together in the tiniest apartment possible. It’d be cramped even for just a single person, let alone two girls who also need space to study. The relationship between the two is rather special too. They have been a steady couple for years, even though they still so young and are also twin sisters.

Yuuuuuuuuup. It’s incest.

No, it’s not just sisterly love. They sleep together and are almost always physically connected when awake. Be that holding hands, hugging, or more intimate gestures. They fret about each other when apart and adjust all of their plans to make sure they can be together as much as possible. It’s touching how deeply they are in love, if you can get over the fact that they’re as closely related as one can get. At least lesbians can’t Habsburg their family tree.

Candy Boy is formatted as a series of shorts. The initial run of 7 ONA episodes are just under 15 minutes long, counting opening, endings, and insert songs. The prequel episodes and 1-episode sequel are all a tad shorter at varying lengths, so you’ll breeze through it all quickly.

Most episodes center around Kanade and Yukino’s daily lives at school, leaning mostly on comedy. Sometimes things do get emotional, especially when fears begin to set in that the two sister-lovers might eventually be forced to part. There is also a 2-episode arc where the two go back home for Christmas, only to find their third (younger) sister has grown cold and distant towards them. This blend of funny and emotional stories works well for Candy Boy and makes it feel very eventful, in spite of its short runtime.

My only complaint—besides the incest obviously—is that the characters are somewhat annoying. Yukino teases people with their insecurities to distract from her own bratty, selfish behavior, Kanade nags constantly, and third wheel Sakuya is perpetually loud and whiny. In regards to Yukino, I also have to say that I hate it when anime characters tease others for being fat or chubby. Especially when the character design is just a standard, perfectly-proportioned anime girl.

Nothing in Candy Boy will blow your mind, but it’s a pleasantly simple infusion of yuri goodness. If you’re into stories like this, then it’s worth breezing through this series if you get the chance.

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