Brief Thoughts On: Honobono Log

We have a densely packed schedule this February, so it’s good to sometimes kick back with something lighter. Something like Honobono Log.

This series of shorts was adapted from a picture book published by illustrator Nana Fukamachi. Each episode tells a micro story about love. One is about a couple commenting on the silly fish in an aquarium, while slowly getting closer and closer together. Another is about a girl helping her friend get over a breakup. They’re sweet little stories and the artstyle is super charming.

PHOTO: A girl squishes her boyfriend's face.

Honobono Log has been labeled as an iyashikei anime and I can see why. It’s relaxing and heartwarming to watch, and overall left me in a better mood by the end of it. The whole thing is also under 20 minutes long—10 episodes of 2 minutes each if you count the openings and endings. This runtime does mean that none of the stories go particularly in-depth, but I enjoyed that aspect of it as well. It’s a more minimalist approach to storytelling that Honobono Log uses to its advantage.

With its short runtime, there’s really not much reason not to just give it a try. Unless you’re thoroughly allergic to romance; in which case you might want to sit the rest of February out as well.

2 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts On: Honobono Log

  1. This sounds super cute! So this is an anime not a manga? When I saw your pics, I totally thought it was a manga. I’m definitely watching this for Valentine’s Day.

    1. The visual style stays very true to the illustration book, but it is indeed an anime. I should have maybe included a gif because I can see why a static picture might be confusing here. 🙂

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