Brief Thoughts On: Cosplay Sex Machine

While watching Hand Maid May, I was reminded of an OVA that I watched years and years ago. After some digging, this half-remembered anime turned out to be Cosplay Sex Machine. Though it is also sometimes referred to as Henshin Sex Android or Artificial Girl.

PHOTO: Takuya is in heaven after shaking an idol's hand.

Regardless of which title you use, this OVA is an erotic comedy about a hapless nerd. Takuya is an idol obsessed geek who works part-time at a store to fuel his expensive hobby. One night, when Takuya thinks he’s about to open his latest merch, he instead finds a strange package containing an embryo. A macabre surprise that our protagonist seems worryingly unbothered by. Even stranger still, the embryo then immediately grows into a full-grown person. Almost like one of those dinosaur toys you put in water.

This person is Seri. A shapeshifting android with a carefree attitude and unending libido. She can transform into anyone or anything, and unquestionably accepts Takuya as her master. It doesn’t take long before this power gets to his head.

PHOTO: Seri brags about her shapeshifting powers.

Initially, he just has Seri transform into people he knows. People like his coworker Suzuna, who always gives him a hard time. He gets to feel powerful and manly by then having sex with them, but soon this ceases to be enough. His requests get increasingly weird, ranging from strange roleplay and copyright infringement, to transformations that are not anatomically feasible. For example, a scene where he wants to have sex with Seri while she is the size of a little figurine. That’s the part that reminded me of Hand Maid May.

In doing this, Cosplay Sex Machine ends up covering a wide range of odd fetishes that rarely get touched upon outside of specialized hentai. While also still having a not insufficient amount of scenes that are more vanilla. It’s nicely balanced and the animation is dang good throughout. Shots never linger for too long nor do any of the sex scenes feel rushed. Some may find the artstyle a tad dated for 2009, but I actually like the way it looks. This artstyle also gels well with the numerous cameo appearances of copyrighted characters, most of whom hail from anime that would’ve been retro even when Cosplay Sex Machine first came out.

PHOTO: Seri bullies Takuya by doing impure things while disguised as his favorite idol.

Interspersed between the sex scenes is a story that I quite enjoyed. Cosplay Sex Machine is by no means plot heavy, but it puts decent effort into fleshing out its characters and providing context for the sex scenes. Takuya has a lot of banter with his nagging co-worker, through which he eventually learns that she is being stalked. Trying to help her resolve that soon becomes the main focus. There is also plenty of comedy tucked away between (and during) the sex scenes. My favorite part being when Takuya has Seri transform into his beloved idol, only for her to tease him by deliberately breaking character. He gets so mad that they don’t even end up doing it afterwards.

Rediscovering this OVA was a lot of fun. It’s a strong competitor in the hentai scene with a unique artstyle and premise, as well as a neat story to tell. Unless you really can’t stand fetish stuff, this is a glowing recommendation. Even then you could just skip ahead a bit whenever things get too weird.

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  1. I thought I had a sufficient amount of hentai in my backlog but you just covinced me to try this one, sounds like some light and nice fun. Thanks!

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