Brief Thoughts On: Kennel Tokorozawa

Kennel Tokorozawa is very weird. In ways that go beyond the typical eccentricities we are familiar with in anime. It’s an ecchi comedy story about a teenage girl called Chika whose dog is obsessively in love with her. No matter where Chika goes, Rin Tin Tin follows her around. All the while thinking of nothing but how badly he wants to have sex with her.

PHOTO: Chika's friends lift up her skirt while Rin Tin Tin humps at her.

They may not be able to communicate, but Rin Tin Tin leaves little ambiguity as to his intentions. He is always trying to stuff his snout between Chika’s legs and looking for opportunities to hump her. As the audience, we are also privy to his lewd inner thoughts. 90% of which are just erotic fantasies and monologues about how much he desires Chika. This is all very frustrating for Chika herself, who regularly kicks and slaps her dog around. However, as the story progresses, Chika begins to consider that maybe dogs could be more than just man’s best friend.

This is not hentai, I should stipulate, but even so the bestiality vibes are abundant. This in turn makes for a strangely awkward comedy series. Every punchline comes back around to “wouldn’t it be so weird if they had sex?” As the setups keep getting more explicit, this begins to feel less like a joke and more like a fetish that the author isn’t quite confident enough to tackle outright.

PHOTO: Chika, Rin Tin Tin, and a teacher in a graveyard during a test of courage.

Personally, I didn’t feel like Kennel Tokorozawa was particularly funny or interesting. Its 30-minute runtime mostly passes by without any highlights. Its range of jokes is also shallow and held back by both protagonists being plain annoying. Unless you happen to be into this particular fetish yourself, I don’t see much reason to seek this anime out.

2 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts On: Kennel Tokorozawa

  1. This anime is a very good trivia if you want to think of the weirdest stuff the Japanese made and not much else. In that regard, it’s much better that it’s just a one episode OVA.
    Now that I think of it, I watched at least two other anime with dog/dog spirits being horny for their owners (Binbougami Ga and Gugure Kokkuri-san), so maybe that’s also a trope in Japan? Kind of like when people interpret IRL dogs humping legs/furniture as something always sexual?

    1. I believe Kokkuri-san is on my to-do list still, but I hadn’t heard of the other anime. Considering the theme shared between them, I am not sure I should look into that though.

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