Brief Thoughts On: Kemono to Chat

Today’s review is for a charming little anime called Kemono to Chat. This is a comedy series about a girl called Chacha who has a very unique talent: she can talk with cats. A skill that would be absolutely wonderful, IF cats ever had anything worthwhile to say.

PHOTO: Chacha trying to focus in class while cats scream at her from outside.

Before anything else, its artstyle is going to be a make-or-break deal for most. Kemono to Chat uses a very low-detail artstyle and its animation is similarly economical. Most of the coloring is entirely flat; literally the result you’d get if you used the fill tool in MS paint. I personally felt that this look was very charming. If you have a strong preference for typical anime aesthetics, however, then this might be too far out there.

I had a good time with Kemono to Chat. Most of its comedy revolves around the many different ways that cats annoy Chacha with their nonsense. They are all very silly and delightfully weird. Often making inappropriate comments or bullying Chacha for no reason. Other cats try to be her friend, but express these feelings through the usual cat antics. They just don’t seem to get why teenage girls don’t want dead mice for a gift. Even though, in this case, they could literally just ask her.

PHOTO: a cat holding a broken branch falls on top of Chacha's head.

Jokes are witty and delivered well, and the anime as a whole has a fast pace to it. Funny moments follow each other up rapidly with little in the way of downtime. It’s only about 30 minutes in total, but I felt like I got a lot out of that time. I might even try to track down the original manga.

If you can appreciate the artstyle, then Kemono to Chat is 30-minutes of lighthearted feline fun. Definitely worth your time.

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