Brief Thoughts On: Je t’aime

Je t’aime is one of those rare, “silent” anime. No dialogue, touching music, and artsy visuals aplenty. Something comparable to the likes of Angel’s Egg, A-Girl, or Rain Town. Don’t underestimate this little anime, however. This is no adorable indie project that only nerds like I care about.

Animated by a staff at Production IG and directed by anime legend Mamoru Oshii, Je t’aime certainly has a pedigree to it. The story centers around a dog. A lovable old hound who lives in a city that was seemingly abandoned. Not a soul remains there; not even other animals. Yet, as the dog explores this eerie place, he encounters an entity that is neither animal nor human. Something that flies through the sky at lightning speeds and scans him day after day.

As these things go, there isn’t much in the way of an explanation for what it all means. This is the kind of movie where you sit back and immerse yourself in the mood it conveys. The wonderful animation and tender soundtrack provided by pop band GLAY help a lot in that regard. It’s an experience and one that avoids ever being predictable. Even if you typically dislike these kinds of pretentious, emotional films; Je t’aime may pleasantly surprise you.

It is very short though; clocking in at only about 10 minutes. It also doesn’t stick with me as much as Angel’s Egg or La Maison en Petits Cubes. The production values are incomparable for sure, but spectacle alone does not a memorable anime make. Still, I could see myself rewatch it from time to time just to enjoy the music and excellent directing again.

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