Q&A Bonus: Rapid-Fire Questions

What’s anime that you really want to rewatch?

Definitely Great Teacher Onizuka.

Who is your favorite director?

He’s retired now, but I really love the work of Kouichi Mashimo. Madlax, Hyouge Mono, Dirty Pair, and The Irresponsible Captain Tylor being some of my favorite works by him.

Do you still keep up with RWBY?

I think I watched season 5 and haven’t really gone back to check on it since.

If you had amnesia, what anime would you want to experience for the first time again?

That moment where the story of Tatami Galaxy finally clicked into place for me was mind-blowing. It’d be amazing getting to go into that series blind again because it just isn’t the same on a rewatch.

Who is your waifu?

Signum from the Lyrical Nanoha series.

What is your least favorite genre?

Anime about music rarely interest me much. Regardless of whether its about a band, a club, or idols. Though there have been some amazing exceptions like Bocchi or Ya Boy, Kongming.

Who is the best mangaka you follow?

I’ve always said Kiyohiko Azuma, but that’s mainly because of Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba. In more recent times I’ve been obsessed with Keita Yatera’s output.

Did an anime ever make you cry?

Too many times to recount. I am a big ol’ softy when it comes to anime.

Can you speak Japanese/Do you study Japanese?

Definitely not. Aside from some standard phrases and words that I’ve heard in anime so often that I recognize their meaning. It’s not something I aspire to either.

Where I can find you on social media/Discord?

I don’t do social media and only use Discord to connect with a select group of friends, sorry. If you do want to reach me and email is too formal, then hit me up on AniList. https://anilist.co/user/pixelspeech/

How much anime do you own?

By my count, 112 across 4 languages. That is counting entire series, not seasons or individual Blurays. So stuff like the various Monogatari seasons and movies are all counted as just 1.

Will you review [anime]?

I keep a list of things that I still need to review and try to give actual recommendations some priority. Even then, some series have been on my to-do list for actual years so I can’t give any guarantees whatsoever.

What anime or manga disappointed you the most?

I went into Higurashi: Gou expecting it to be a watered down remake and somehow ended up in a situation where a 10-chapter review was me being brief.

Have you ever changed your mind on a review completely?

Not any that I have actually published. There were anime that I dropped or rated low that I went back to later in life and ended up enjoying. Squid Girl being the foremost example of that.

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