Brief Thoughts On: Harem Camp!

Kensuke Yamamichi is a teacher who loves camping. It’s usually a lonely hobby for him, until one faithful night when a miracle happens. While camping out in the mountains, some girls show up at his tent lost and severely underprepared. Kensuke gives them a place to stay, but things quickly turn inappropriate between him and his guests. A problem that only gets worse when he shows up to work the next day and the girls are now in his class.

Harem Camp! is a comedy anime that was first aired as an ecchi show before later being redistributed as full-on hentai. Kensuke and the girls form a Camping Club at their school, but immediately there are some issues. The girls like the idea of camping. Not so much the effort that goes into it. Fortunately they can blackmail their lovely though lecherous teacher into doing most of the actual hard work.

It’s not particularly significant, but Harem Camp! is the kind of hentai I enjoy watching the most. The tone is lighthearted and there’s a lot of fun content filling up the space between actual sex scenes. The characters are also fleshed out particularly well by hentai standards. Toma is a stubborn tomboy with a violent streak, Aki pretends to be your typical airhead despite being remarkably shrewd, Touko has a secret side and Natsuki is earnest to a fault. Harem Camp! manages to tap into some good comedic potential with these characters, even if there isn’t much development or overarching story. I had a few good laughs.

The hentai itself is perfectly fine as well. Nothing particularly stands out about it, but the characters are cute and the scenarios diverse. If you don’t care about the story, then Harem Camp! is still a good option for you. Ultimately though, its the goofy story that makes the series come together. Give it a chance and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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