What is this site?

Reasons to Anime is a blog project I started where I want to deliver anime reviews in an interesting, new format. Reviews are compact and respect the reader’s time, I just straight up give three, or five, or infinite reasons for why a show is worth watching or not, with a bit of text going into detail about each pro or con.

And who are you?

Casper! I was previously a major contributor for Rely on Horror where I covered indie games, visual novels, and anime.

What kind of shows do you enjoy?

I like to think that my taste in anime is very diverse, but I do gravitate towards seinen anime. I love relaxing with a calming slice-of-life show or thinking along with a good mystery story. Mahou shoujo are also great and I can appreciate a shounen anime if it has a good story to it.

What do you hate in anime?

Wish-fulfillment, overpowered, and loud protagonist that get everything handed to them. Cheap fan-service, creepy fan-service, characters that exist just for the sake of fan-service. Shows that end at a random point in the storyline because the author wants to sell more manga volumes. I have a lot of pet peeves, but in general, it’s safe to just keep me away from mediocre shounen anime.

What is your favorite anime?

Higurashi: When They Cry

What is your least favorite anime?

A close tie between Sengoku Musou and Fuuka. I’ll go with the latter because the anime was too pussy to go along with the manga’s big twist.

What is your favorite manga?

Yotsuba&! because it’s an endless source of joy and makes life worth living.

Who is your favorite anime character?

The VK 4501 Porsche Tiger from Girls und Panzer.