Reasons to Anime does not do balanced reviews.

Of course no anime is pure bad or pure good, but instead of getting bogged down in nuance and segues, each reviews on this website is a blunt recommendation to either skip or watch a series. It makes the reviews very direct and easy to read. My opinion is immediately obvious and all my main arguments are clearly highlighted, allowing you to dig into the segments that seem interesting instead of reading through a full, conventional review.

Who am I to have such bold opinions?

My name is Casper and I have been an active part of the anime community since 2002. I have been involved in various websites and blogs since I was a teenager, but eventually split off to do my own thing so I could talk about subjects that truly interested me. Reasons to Anime came to be while I was working on an article about anime that would appeal to gamers, after which it quickly became my main focus for the past few years.

I have been known to enjoy anime from just about any genre and era imaginable. Some of my personal favorites came out as recent as 2020 while others go all the way back to the 70s. I enjoy romance and slice-of-stories, but also love to dabble in action series and comedy. You never quite know what kind of review might come out next, but I am always confident that anything I publish is sufficiently researched and contains critique that I am proud of.

Besides the weekly feature reviews, the site hosts a number of articles:

Countdowns: The classic top 5, top 10, or top whatever about an interesting topic.

Brief Thoughts: A rare, traditional review for an anime that I was too uncertain of.

Industry: Opinions and articles on the anime industry, specific companies, and celebrities.

Quick Reviews: A series of mini-reviews for manga, OVAs, and films.

Recommendations: An overview of fun anime that fit a particular niche theme or subgenre.

Tie-in: A weekly follow-up article that digs into an interesting topic related to that week’s anime.