Category: Drama

3 Reasons To Watch: Millennium Actress

Surrealism meets documentary

5 Reasons To Read: Message To Adolf


5 Reasons To Watch: Kino’s Journey (2003)

The Beautiful World

3 Reasons To Read: My Brother’s Husband

Becoming a family

3 Reasons To Skip: Looking Up at the Half-Moon

The first dud of this year’s romance month.

3 Reasons To Skip: Kiznaiver

I have several questions…

5 Reasons To Watch: Neon Genesis Evangelion

An obscure mecha gem from the old days.

5 Reasons To Watch: Akira

A movie about sliding

3 Reasons To Watch: Bartender (2006)

My kind of educational anime.

5 Reasons To Watch: In Search of the Lost Future

Wait, this isn’t about astronomy at all!