Category: Romance

5 Reasons To Watch: My Wife is a Magical Girl

No magic in this marriage

3 Reasons To Watch: Very Private Lesson

Not in the textbook

3 Reasons To Skip: Sweet Blue Flowers

LGBT+ rep can’t carry a show alone

3 Reasons To Watch: Princess Jellyfish

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

3 Reasons To Skip: Kobato

The usual Clamp mediocrity

3 Reasons To Skip: Looking Up at the Half-Moon

The first dud of this year’s romance month.

3 Reasons To Watch: Paradise Kiss

An artsy anime about fashion and love

5 Reasons To Watch: Snow White with the Red Hair

Don’t ask about the dwarfs

5 Reasons To Watch: Karin – Chibi Vampire

A real winner

5 Reasons To Watch: In Search of the Lost Future

Wait, this isn’t about astronomy at all!