Category: Thriller

10 Reasons To Skip: Higurashi Gou

Nobody asked for this.

5 Reasons To Skip: Witch Hunter Robin

Japan’s finest, once again proving to be utterly useless.

5 Reasons To Watch: Death Parade

A death game with taste.

3 Reasons To Skip: Euphoria

Not the one from HBO.

5 Reasons To Skip: Bible Black

La Noche de Walpurgis

6 Reasons To Skip: Talentless Nana

I too am devoid of talent

3 Reasons To Watch: They Were 11

10 space cadets, 1 intruder

3 Reasons To Skip: Canaan


5 Reasons To Watch: Gungrave

Turn up the heat.

5 Reasons To Watch: Black Lagoon

As it turns out, crime does pay.