Category: 1999

5 Reasons To Skip: Devil Lady (anime)

Devilman, but even gayer

3 Reasons To Skip: Legend of Himiko

Not every retro isekai is a winner

5 Reasons To Watch: Magic User’s Club

Now fundraising to afford an actual clubroom.

5 Reasons To Watch: The Big O

Tasty tomatoes

3 Reasons To Skip: Blue Submarine No. 6

Blue Steel

5 Reasons To Skip: Seikai Trilogy

Some series are forgotten for a reason.

3 Reasons To Skip: You’re Under Arrest!

The big issue deserves a piece all to its own.

5 Reasons To Watch: The 08th MS Team

Romeo & Juliet & Mechs

5 Reasons To Watch: Great Teacher Onizuka

The PTA disapproves.

5 Reasons To Watch: Excel Saga

Not published by Microsoft.