Category: 2017

5 Reasons To Watch: Monogatari Series

I took way too many screenshots.

3 Reasons To Watch: The Reflection

Stan Lee’s last anime project.

5 Reasons To Read: Helck

Fantasy <3

4 Reasons To Watch: Made in Abyss

Make season 2 happen.

3 Reasons to Watch: Blend S

Kobayashi would be displeased.

5 Reasons to Watch: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Destructive cleaning.

3 Reasons To Watch: New Game!

Exclamation marks make all the difference.

5 Reasons To Skip: Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

Can Sword Art get any dumber? Definitely.

3 Reasons To Watch: Urara Meirochou

Not an easy title to spell.

3 Reasons To Watch: Restaurant To Another World

With extra sauce.