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5 Reasons To Watch: Snow White with the Red Hair

Don’t ask about the dwarfs

The Death March into Obscurity for Basara

Not to the parallel world.

3 Reasons To Watch: Legend of Basara

Japan is Arabia now.

3 Reasons To Skip: Canaan


Re:Zero serves as a harsh reminder of how ugly anime can be

Advocating for hate crimes against background characters.

5 Reasons To Watch: Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World


5 Reasons To Watch: Goblin Slayer

Count the number of times the word “goblin” is used in this review.

5 Reasons To Watch: Girls’ Last Tour

“It means, when you are happy, I am happy as well”

5 Reasons To Watch: Mayoi Neko Overrun

Cats are best.

5 Reasons To Skip: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Not as revolutionary as advertised.